Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to collate some of our most commonly asked questions. If something is missing, please message us via the Contact page

What is the average timeline for a project?

We like to think each project can go from start to finish within a 4 week period, however this can sometimes be held up by delays in communication, or collecting images and text. Therefore, we work towards a 21 day period from the time that all required information (images, text, etc) has been received from you.

We can sometimes facilitate a fast turn around request (ie. in a matter of days) for a once-off surcharge. Please enquire with us for more information on our capacity to provide you with this service.


Tradie Designs specialises in basic, functional websites and therefore we have made the decision not to offer ecommerce services as part of our basic packages. 

We are able to provide a basic online store (15 products or less) for small service based, or bricks and mortar businesses who want to add this service to their website, however it does not include online stores where their main business income is generated online.

For companies wanting a full e-commerce solution for their business, our sister company Wild Fox Creative would be happy to quote you on your specific project needs.

What is included in my website package?

We have tried to create an all inclusive package that takes the headache out of setting up your business website.

Our packages include:

* Domain name (
* Website hosting on our Melbourne based server (providing faster load speeds)
* Contact form
* Ongoing support
* Domain email address (*for some packages)

Plus we offer package add ons such as: domain email (eg. , SEO, Google Analytics, Speed Boost, Social Media and more. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

What does the ongoing monthly fee cover?

Our ongoing monthly fee is the reason why our sign up costs are so low and affordable.

The biggest complaint we hear from prospective clients, is the upfront cost which often makes having a website unaffordable for many small businesses. We have created a package where we break down the cost of your website over a monthly fee, with a small setup cost to get you started. 

This monthly fee covers the overall cost of designing your website, your domain name, your website hosting on our Australian based servers, as well as ongoing website security, software maintenance, plugin updates and content updates.

The minimum commitment is 12 months.

If you wish to cancel your agreement before this timeframe, you are required to pay out the remaining monthly fees due. If you wish to cancel after the 12 month period, there is no cost however we do require a minimum of 30 days notice.

If you decide that you want to move your website to another provider, you can do so for a small fee. The above minimum commitment still applies.


We are asked all the time about social media. This is such a growing area, and truth is that a lot of our customers are just too busy to get their accounts set up, let alone manage them!

We can help with account creation, including Facebook business pages or instagram accounts. We can then give you access as the administrator of the account, or we can discuss ongoing management fees if you’d like us to help you to maintain these platforms.


That’s ok! If you already have a website, and have found yourself here, chances are you aren’t happy with it – and either want a redesign, or some changes made. We would love to chat about your current setup, and your specific needs so we can advise what is the best way forward. 

Some of our clients chose to come over to our platform with a simple website update, but still find that our packages end up being easier and more cost effective for them in the long run, because of the all inclusive pricing structure we provide. 


No problem! As part of the process, we will transfer it to our server at no extra cost to you – so don’t worry. All ongoing costs will still be covered by your monthly package fees.   (*for .com, .net,, registered domains only. We will consider other domain extensions on a case by case basis, so that we can properly assess the ongoing costs associated with them.)


We understand that our business name “Tradie Designs” can be a little misleading. Our services are open to more than just trade based businesses. Our ideal audience is any business that works in either a bricks and mortar capacity, or provides a trade or service.

Basically, any business that does not need all the fancy bells and whistles, but they want an online presence to keep up with technology and to be found by future clients. We strip the gimmicks and provide a quality, simple service that meets the needs of these clients. No fuss! 

If you fall within that criteria, whether you are a tradesman (or woman!), shop owner, dentist, copywriter or hairdresser, then we would love to chat.

Still not sure? Send us a message with a bit of information about your business, and what you are looking for, and we will advise you whether we can help with our packages, or if you’d be more suited speaking to someone at our sister company, Wild Fox Creative, who will be able to better cater for your unique needs.


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